only,I just started to look in front of my eyes a little bit。

at this point,What will it bring,Actually just these things,It’s much stronger。 And Wang Teng sees this,Is very straightforward。 “For such things,Do you think,Next,How to deal with it?” When I see here,Wang Teng’s face,It brings a faint smile。 Just look in front of you subconsciously,at this time,Zhao Shijie gritted his teeth:“I’m from the Zhao family,Do you

“Forget it,Forget it,We still don’t want to enter the mountain,People who are inside now,Are the top disciples!”

…… Not only the Mianshan Jianzong,Like Zi Zonglin、Wu Zonglin、Pu tribe、Zhao Clan、Gulong Palace…… These big forces have sent some disciples,Like the two female disciples of Mianshan Jianzong,Guarded the entrance of the colossus of the general。 Directly not allow those three religions and nine current forces to enter the tomb of the Nine Army,Lest they take some

Although he can step into the heavens in office,Status is quite special among the gods,But it’s just a fairy。

And the elders of the mountain,But they are all true immortals,Even true immortals may not be able to serve as elders。 Countless years of accumulation,Dagan Mountain has also given birth to 15 elders,Everyone is a strong one among true immortals。 they,Is the real controller of the entire country。 “Humph,Some powerful foreigners have entered my universe,Mass

No wonder Chen Jiannan took it for granted,After all, everyone came from Liufang One,Only a year,He can’t even think about it,Lu Menglin will buy that expensive sports car with his own money。

now,Lu Menglin held the hunting material in his hand,The expression on the face is very abnormal。 “Jiannan brother,The person your boss is going to kill,Is it him?”Lu Menglin pointed to the photo on the profile,Wryly smiled。 Data is copied,Photo dark,Not clear,But Lu Menglin can still easily recognize the person above,And the text on the materials

“Elder Wang,Are we really doing this??”

Elder Liu frowned on one side,Today is the elder Wang,That is to say, take them to the head of the city lord’s mansion during the day.,Among elders,Although this guy is not the strongest,But on other things,Strategy,Ruthless, etc.,This guy is definitely one by one,And act decisively,Never procrastinate。 “What’s wrong,Since that guy is willing to fight us,So

Then the emperor will most likely surrender to the Great Qin Dynasty with a calm face,but,The more Zhang Chulan thinks about it, the more he feels that this encounter really makes him unable to ignore it。

Obviously this war shouldn’t have happened,The messenger sent by Fusu has repeatedly backed down,It’s just that the emperor still thinks so highly of himself,I have to use the lives of these hundreds of thousands of troops to blackmail them。 If not at this moment, he is chatting with Fusu,Zhang Chulan wanted to directly send that

Robinson looked at the two big guys beside him puzzledly,If you can reach the end in two steps,So why bother to make a lap to cross the finish line?

Robinson’s questions made Evincent and the equator smile at each other,Maybe on the technical level,Robinson’s thinking can reach the same height as himself,But strategically,He needs to think about it。 Evincent is obviously too lazy to answer this question,The task of solving Robinson’s doubts also falls on the equator.。 “After we cleaned up the worms in

Tu Cancan was also rescued,Lu Ying’er quickly took out the pill for the other party,To relieve the injury in the opponent’s body。

The purple poisonous gas can suppress the aura and run,They are very domineering and do not walk in the meridians,It’s just that this is Xia Chenglong’s home court,Nothing can run wild in his world。 Able to cultivate the five element spiritual energy to this state,Thus proved his overbearing,Not to mention the dragon’s breath in his