Sichuan and Yun two places to shorten to 10 working days next month

  On November 10, the Sichuan-Chongqing Social Security Bureau cloud signed the regular settlement cooperation agreement of the basic endowment insurance relations of urban employees, and promoted the regular settlement of transfer funds in the country. According to the agreement, the transfer funds of the elderly insurance relationship of the two indispensational workers in Sichuan and

It should be Qingfengzhai vs. Liao Ying。”

Duan Junjian exclaimed:“Qingfengzhai actually produced two innate masters,I’m afraid that in the future from Qinghe to Qingmu County, Qingfeng Village has the final say!” At this moment。 The whole camp is awake。 Wan Ruyi also woke up。 but,She’s calm,This time,She still has a book in her hand,Get off the carriage slowly。 “It’s for the beauty,No

Leo stopped Trangot,How could he not know。

“So what do you want to express?”Leo looked at the boss and asked。 “I’m so clear, you still don’t know?If you want to do me,Then you have to be prepared to be destroyed by the Heavenly Dragon!” Say here,The boss suddenly laughed。 Even if they are underground,But Tianlong people are very powerful,No one wants to

Tie Li tried her best to be calm,But Xia Jian can still vaguely feel her anxiety。Even he himself,He thought of Gu Yue when he came,It’s a big deal he doesn’t see Tie Li,I didn’t expect Gu Yue to arriveGZ,Brought them together。

Tie Li never expected,Xia Jian turned out to be what Xia Hao Gu Yue had told her before,It seems that I feel a little bit played by this guy。 “Hey!I said what’s the matter with you two?It’s not like this usually。I just got off the plane,Still hungry,Nor help with ordering”Gu Yue complained,Took the menu from

Casual Wear,Looks more relaxed and natural!

“Forget it!We go to the private room!” Guo Xueli is holding her nose,Take Fang Yu to the private room。 Simultaneously,She was full of contempt。 And this time,A familiar figure。 Stopped them! “Pete?” Look at someone,Guo Xueli subconsciously pushed Fang Yu away。 Surprised eyes! “I didn’t expect the parting soon……Your taste is getting worse,Men of this

The two let on the side of the road,Not only did the car slow down,I also added a kick to make the engine roar more,Towards the two people is galloping。

Chen Xiu squinted,Showing a murderous look,He took He Shouheng and hid on the grass beside the road。 “哧~” The car braked to a halt where they were standing.,Two people got off the car,One looking forty years old、One is about the same age as He Shouheng,The two of them are somewhat similar to He Shouheng in

Li Hui Feng did not be angry,But a smile:“Do you know who their boss is??

I refer to their true boss。” Eight hundred and four chapters feed “Forehead,I don’t know this.,However, it is certain that the other party seems to be dedicated to dealing with your boss.。” “Um,I will slowly investigate this.,The progress of this,Still trouble, Yang Da Ge.,Staring at a point。” Yang Li heard this,Very nature’s hard work:“Do not

only,I just started to look in front of my eyes a little bit。

at this point,What will it bring,Actually just these things,It’s much stronger。 And Wang Teng sees this,Is very straightforward。 “For such things,Do you think,Next,How to deal with it?” When I see here,Wang Teng’s face,It brings a faint smile。 Just look in front of you subconsciously,at this time,Zhao Shijie gritted his teeth:“I’m from the Zhao family,Do you