Carry forward the filial piety and respect the old and traditional virtues, spread traditional Chinese medicine traditional culture – Sichuan Chinese medicine walks into Dujiangyan City Qingcheng Mountain Town

In order to carry out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", spread outstanding Chinese medicine traditional culture, enhance the sense of Chinese medicine, happiness, on October 14, Chongyang Festival, hosted by Sichuan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, Sichuan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Service Center, Sichuan Second TCM Hospital jointly undertaken

2021 Beijing Primaire en Secondary School Science Suggestion Awards aangekondigd

Originele titel: 2021 Beijing Primary and Secondary School Science Suggestion Awards heeft deze krant (Reporter Li Yao) aangekondigd die nieuwe technologie toepast om de oude stadscultuur van Beijing te beschermen, het delen van de het delen van fiets "Handgezondheid" -probleem, het opzetten van culturele bezienswaardigheden en milieubeschermingslijn voor de centrale Axis … Gisteren op de

De nationale verkeersveiligheidssituatie is stabiel

  Deze krant Beijing 14 juni (Reporter Zhang Tianpei) Dragon Boat Festival, de National Public Security Traffic Control-afdeling reageert actief op het veiligheids- en congestie-risico op passagierstroom in de buitenwijken van de massa’s, China en het korte toerisme, enz. Meer dan 10.000 keer ; Vanaf 14 uur op de 14e is de nationale verkeersveiligheidssituatie van de

Strengthen the "People’s Salown, Life First" Concepts Rapid Action Assist in the Carrying on Safety Production Hidden Traditional

This newspaper Beijing June 18th (Reporter Zheng Li) National Bureau Party Theoretical Learning Center Group held a special meeting today, conveying the study of general secretary of learning Xi Jinping on the important discussion and important instructions of safety production, Li Keqiang prime ministers and national security production TV The spirit of the conference is

Beijing, China’s epidemic partial diagnosed case virus all genome sequence has been completed

  On November 12th, the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Prevention and Control Center WeChat public number, Beijing City, Beijing City, in Beijing, the provision of three provoked cases in Beijing, there is a respected, rapid action, strictly implement various defenses.Control measures to resolute block the viral communication chain.As of November 11th, 7 cases of new

Shaoxing City Ronglin Hang New Pattern Accelerated

Original title: The new pattern of Hangliko-yi in the city accelerates the integration of Shaoxing integrated into the long triangulation. Recently, through Shaoxing City and Hangzhou, Ningbo negotiated, "Hangzhou Integrated Cooperative First Communication Zone Construction Plan" "Wales Integrated Cooperation Procedures" (hereinafter referred to as two "program") officially issued, marking Shaoxing City Ranhang Lianheo from a

Shandong Rongcheng: 3000 large swans "go home"

On November 11th, in Shandong Province, he became a national nature reserve of Mountain Swan, and the big swan danced.Large Swan in the National Nature Reserve of Mountain Swan, Shandong Province. Large Swan in the National Nature Reserve of Mountain Swan, Shandong Province. On November 11th, in Shandong Province, he became a national nature reserve