Three wins in five sets!

I have figured out your boy’s chess path,You will know how good I am!” Huang Lao set the plate with an unconvinced blowing beard and staring,Chen Xiu smiled,He often played chess with these old men when he was in the country,I’ve long been used to them, old guys like them are not convinced and killed

“I was pressed by my boyfriend,Then I was played by the boss.,I will never forget those words that the man said.,There is also a boyfriend to see my eyes.,Just look at one animal。”

“I want to call the police,But the mobile phone was taken away.,I want to escape,Some people guard,I thought I would always have a chance to escape.,But when I saw my boyfriend, I sold me 100,000 yuan in my face.,I know that the opportunity of this life may be difficult.。” “I was sent to it here.,Because

Of course this talent is supernatural,Compared to the original version, the power is definitely reduced。

Even so,Gu Ning, who has only been at the middle god level for twenty years,Although I can’t say that I can resist the upper gods,But with【Body of Flame】【Purgatory Fire】with【Broken Eye】These three talents,It’s the strongest among the middle gods。 And in the years to come,As the first blood system practitioner,Gu Ning will travel through hell,Dig the

Eagle King Meat,Delicious,It’s a pity that the big black tooth has not broken,Otherwise it will eat happily,Body will be strong!

Zhu Minglang has obtained a lot of good things from the sea eagle emperor。 The first is the most valuable Eagle Emperor Soul Orb,25,000 years,This thing can be sold for millions of gold casually。 Followed by the eagle’s golden beak and golden claws,This thing is harder than the most refined metal,Can be used to craft

Wang Youcai is not a fool,I understood what Dad meant when I heard it,He laughed and said:“Then I will stay at home for one more day,Leave tomorrow night“

His voice just fell,I saw Chen Gui walk in quietly。When he saw Wang Youcai,Then he laughed:“I heard Meizi say that she saw you driving into the village,I thought she was dazzled,It seems she was right“ “Chen Gui!You are now a worker in a greenhouse,Why come to my house!“Chen Yueqin said yin and yang weirdly。 Chen

only,Leading life hazard,But there is no consciousness,Like Blue Xin,Need ventilator to live。

“Mother。” She goes in,A sad look at the grandmother on the bed。 Lu Hao Cheng is busy care for patients on both sides,Gu Anan is coming.,He didn’t see Gu An An,Directly back to Blue Xin’s ward。 Lin Demon looked at her,Paled face,“Anan,Now people don’t have enough people,You will take care of your grandmother first.,I will

“call,I’ll see Li Le soon,I don’t know how this guy is living”Fuming and muttering to the sky。

。。。 “Tomorrow is the day they test,Move your hands and feet at the level of combat power,Fuming that Ye。。。!”Yun Kongming made a gesture of wiping his neck。 “understand”The attendant retired。 Get ready to accept my gift to you,Ye Fuming!A smile on Yun Kongming’s face。 。。。 Qingling brought a few Murong people who were going to

Ouyang Hongyichu Agricultural Trade Company,Go fast,Hurried to a corner,Take out the small paper box,With trembling little hands,Opened gently,It’s not a ring,But a little,Red phone。

This makes Ouyang Hong somewhat disappointed,But in this era,Give such a valuable gift,And it was from Xia Jian,Ouyang Hong is still full of likes。 “There is no stamp of their group company in your agreement,This agreement doesn’t count,Please void immediately”Deputy Mayor Chen said to Ouyang Hong with a serious face。 Ouyang Hong said unhurriedly:“Who said

Wu Lusheng is also busy,I didn’t go to Zhao Gang’s villa until the afternoon,Outside the gate,More people came to ask for the bill than the previous day,A mess outside。

Zhao Qianqian gets off the plane,Just take a taxi and drive home,Arrived at the community,Seeing that there are placards everywhere,“what happened?” “Your family is broke!”Yu Ge whispered。 “My family is broke?”See the scene at the door,Zhao Qianqian dare not doubt,I thought I would see my father soon,She started crying。 Yu Ge helped Zhao Qianqian walk