9 maanden van dit jaar, Sichuan-Chongqing-auto- en elektronica-industrie realiseert twee cijfersgroei.

  Industri?le economie op de twee plaatsen van Sichuan en de Verenigde Staten zijn vruchtbaarder geweest. Chongqing Daily, 14 juli, van het Comité Chongqing Municipal Economic News, in januari-september, bereikte dit jaar het totale aantal auto-productie in Sichuan en Yun 2,6 miljoen yuan, behaald met respectievelijk 26% van 26% ; De elektronische informatie-industrie realiseert miljard yuan

Bayannao: Social to help rural villages

Focusing on the key tasks of the rural resolution, the grassroots are carried out, the service needs collection, collecting the sect of scientific and technological, education, health, health, agriculture, forest, environmental protection, water conservancy, forest grass, etc. 195 service needs, and determine technology 10 grassroots units in four fields in education, health and agriculture, as

Rotating 83 works dance event

Original title: Rotating 83 pieces of works Dance Festival this newspaper (Reporter Zheng Na) On October 21st, the drama "Wake-up" in Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater Co., Ltd., the 13th National Dance Exhibition in Guangzhou The theater kicked off. Exhibition by the Department of Culture and Tourism, sponsored, Cultural and Tourism Department of the People’s

US media: Betchyng nominates the retired general Austin Ren Mei National Defense Minister

Recommended reading Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, achieving a diversified wear device, and performs monitoring these capabilities to open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency