The first store entered the Sichuan Pioneer bookstore, Xia Linyuan and other brands to sign a contract to settled Qingbaijiang Chengxiang Town

Original title: The first store entered the Chuan dynasty bookstore, Xilinyuan and other brands and other brands, such as the Qingbaijiang Chengxiang Town on August 22, "Chengdu · Chengxiang Ancient Town Brand Business Signing Ceremony" was successfully held in the Qingbaijiang District Committee. Pioneer bookstore, Xilin Court, Xinxin Art, Wadangwahe, Zi Gu Chuan, Localand and

Contrary to the wind,A total,If you can let the little girl“Out of the devil”,Will not read his big work,Return him back to the door?

But refreshment,Little sister this nature,If you are against her,Waiting for Master“go”NS,I am afraid that I am buried in Taohua Island.,She can dig out……I don’t dare to act rashly.。 “If it is really a teacher、Returne,The brother is dead.。”Landing wind special emphasis,Be“Lion Master”。 After the land, you will look at the german.,Test:“I don’t know Chu Xiong, I

Since it is hard to escape,Li Tianzhi was a lot more indifferent,But then I saw a lot of familiar standard weapons beside the altar,Suddenly,He seems to have guessed the plan of the blood family。

He will not feel sad about being trapped,Only regret,Recall that the big praying mantis attacked the equipment transport convoy,Not just for revenge and warning,But looting frantically,Maybe it’s for the blood race to master human weapons as soon as possible,If things go in this direction,Will be extremely scary,The mantis hasn’t come back yet,And Shen Wenyu never

“Yes,We all pin our hopes on you,Why didn’t you stop it,You made it the dragon king,Became the death of all of us,It will kill us all,I don’t want to die,I don’t want to die!”Someone from Shenfan Academy also jumped out and accused Zhu Minglang。

Zhu Minglang touched his head,This classmate from Shenfan Academy is really right,Indeed, he made the evil star dragon become the dragon king。 “Everybody,Today I wish Minglang happy to mention a dragon king,I wonder if you have any good suggestions,Help me, the celestial dragon, choose a name that will scare the enemy,I am naming,Really bad。”Zhu Minglang

Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Chapter 827 afterwards Chu Deee has gradually been“Tiangou Die Dan”Effectiveness,Unfortunately, it is too late.。 I can’t think of myself with myself.,Finally, I was still awkward.——God Hou this dead state,Actually, I still control myself first.? Daylight,Chu Deiren two tired——Double tired。 Previously, Murong Jiu has a fierce and poisonous power.,I didn’t stop Yun Luo…… At this time,

My grass……This poisonous tongue!

I don’t want myself to come back.! Tall,How much thing is lost for you?! Zhou Ye:“Unloading killing,I haven’t gone yet.,You start curse me.。” “Cuise you, what I am?Yes, you have to make yourself,You are a donkey,Also stupid。”Shu Lu smiled。 Quarrel, noisy,Every day is still bullied,Zhou Ye I really want to wow the tears.! “Ugh……Sister with

“I should have thought it was you!”

The person in front of you is Wang Zilin, who Chen Xiu thought was already buried in the sea,He thought it was Wang Zilin before,But it all happened in a flash。 After all, I was looking for Wang Zilin’s whereabouts.,He asked Xiaolongwang to salvage most of the fishing boats on Australia Island,The result is nothing,Everyone

“Hello there!I am Wang Youcai,What do you do?”Wang Youcai bites his head,Whispered。

Just listen to each other:“There was a robbery at the Youcai Limin Clinic tonight,Because the alarm is timely,Robber has been arrested,But the clerk was surprised…” “I know how to do it”Wang Youcai interrupted the other party,Hung up the phone and turned and ran。 Chen Yueqin has a look,Asked anxiously:“What happened,You can leave after eating!” “Something