Hebei implements linked management of illegal occupation of cultivated land and supplementary cultivated land indicators

People’s Daily Shijiazhuang, March 10th. In order to resolutely curb the new illegal and illegal occupation of arable land, and implement the most stringent arable land protection system. Recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Natural Resources has issued the "Hebei Province illegal illegal occupation occupation land occupation land and supplementary cultivated land indicators ( Trial)

Look at the shell and shell of a table,Luo Yiyou couldn’t help laughing and saying:“I’m really http://www.banyn.cn full,Don’t know how you are?If not enough,Order a few more,Until full”

“Hey!No need no more,I’m full already”Xia Jian, this is polite,At the same time he is also thinking about the money in his pocket。Go on like this,That’s pretty good。 Luo Yi heard what Xia Jian said,Happy face blooms。She smiled and said:“Then let’s go!In the afternoon we go to sea,Talk about your project by the way。If it’s


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Investment of 370 million Taiwan dollar Taiwan army’s only cold training base, Wulingying District, Wulingying District, construction

The Taiwan Army’s Wuling Camp is located in Hehuan Valley, with an altitude of 3110 meters. It is the only cold training base for the Taiwan army. Photo source: Taiwan’s "United Daily News" Taiwan’s defense department announced on the 30th to announce the "Wulingying District New Contribution Project" on the 30th. Re -construction of the