Xia Jianyi returned to the group,He called Dragon Ball and Lin Wei in person,Told them some things to pay attention to in the near future。And let Dragon Ball pick out six people from the security team,Form a special team。

Of course Dragon Ball is puzzled,Because this is the group after all,She didn’t think Xia Jian did it right。But she didn’t dare to ask face to face,Xiao Xiao saw her hesitation。 Xiao Xiao told Dragon Ball what happened recently.,After listening to Dragon Ball,A little apologetic glance at Xia Jian,Just walk away。 “I already called Xi

Song Fang finally said her purpose in coming to Xia Jian’s house。This was in Xia Jian’s expectation,Someone like her,Unless it’s a last resort,Otherwise he won’t come。

“Speak!what’s up?”Xia Jian asked softly。 Song Fang thought for a while and said:“Wang Youfa was judged for three years,Logically not very heavy,It’s a life anyway。But Wang Lao asks that he is sick,Wang Youfa is just a coincidence。But their family doesn’t care about it,I can’t help but speak up,He is my husband” “Humph!Since you want to

Hu’s siblings are also sitting there,The soldier with two beards is also there,Eating so much,Keep asking Fang Niannian about the technique。

At this moment,There was a scream from the street outside the house,I wish Ming Lang look around,I saw a few raptors,There are some armored soldiers standing on the eaves,They look serious and cold。 “what happened?”Zhu Minglang pointed out。 “Some gangsters,They want to grab the place we cleaned up and make a nest,Just a few are


———— Chapter 25 Helper Hear this,Wright couldn’t help but interrupt。 “Purple blood。。” “You call me by my real name‘Hams’Bar。” Wright is not correct:“Mr. Harms,I know what you said。Please tell me directly。” The purple blood demon took a deep breath:“I want to do a business with you。” “???” “The cemetery of the gods in your Yulan

Finally slid the car from the top to the bottom of the mountain,Look back,Wang Youcai is a bit scared。Because behind him,There is no car。It seems that his courage is really fat。

Down the mountain,The road to Donglin Township is all flat,Even if the car is slipping,Can’t slide anywhere。Wang Youcai let out a long breath,He looked at his watch and found that it was past five o’clock。It’s almost half past five when driving here。He will spend a while on the edge of town,It’s almost dark。 At this

First1304chapter I want to stay

Guan Tingna looked at Xia Jian with a smile。 Beside the stone table in the yard,Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong are sitting on both sides。They looked at Guan Tingna and Xia Jian at the gate,Zhao Hong speaks first:“Yo!There is nothing to say?Still stand at the gate“ “go!Go inside and say“Xia Jian smiled at Guan Tingna

“The driver asked for leave this morning,Can’t find someone to replace temporarily,So I will pick you up。”Li Hao’s tone is also cold,Like a ruthless working machine。

Cheng Yunxiao no longer asks questions,Sitting in the back seat of the car,Silently staring at the street view passing by from the window。 To the company,Cheng Yunxiao with his head held high,Chin up slightly,The expressionless face seems to despise everything,Li Hao followed her with a bag,Serious face,A pair“Stranger”Looks like。 Along the way,All employees met with