Zhu Minglang feels that I really underestimate Li Yunzi,I thought she was just taking back her own sovereignty,But she didn’t expect that what she wanted was the real dominance on the land!

“So your enemy,Actually Zonggong?”Zhu Minglang said with a wry smile。 “I have no real enemy,Only the obstructer when going forward。”Gigi Lai replied。 “I do not understand,If you really want to become the leader of the country,Can wait until Wutu flourishes,Can slowly eat away at Lampang,Even wait until the overall situation in Zulong City-state is stable,Why

Blue Xin is a bit surprised,“So fast”“Um!Don’t you like it??

Of course。” Lu Haocheng laughed。 The eyes also deliberately looked at Le Zhenxi。 Le Zhenxi knows what he means。 He returned one“Lu Haocheng is really boring”Expression,Continue to Lanxin。 “Blue,you eat first,Don’t be hungry, it is yourself.。” Le Zhenxi ignored Lu Hao Cheng。 Anyway, his position is very obvious.,Lu Haozheng wants to,He has no way。 He

“There is a dinner!?”

Zhou Xingxing hits the toothpick,Touching your belly is not empty,One of the rice bodies,I don’t have to worry about my food in the next month.。 “Who is so good,Please send me a meal?” “Things are like this” Under the explanation of Wu Luo,Liao Wenjie roughly understand the cause of the cause。 Tanshi Group acquired Emperor

Chen Yueqin sees it,Busy with my son,She whispered:“Almost done“Wang Youdao is also obedient,Put the raised hand down again。

Wang Youcai, who was slapped, understood,But he still argued:“Second brother!Don’t listen to others nonsense,This matter has nothing to do with us,They just want to use this to harm us“ “Bastard!You have to deny the matter at this point,Does Vice Mayor Chen dare to lie in front of me??“Wang Youdao is very angry,His face was pale

“If the palace owner is reluctant,Just when Feng Er didn’t say,These people are vulgar,I**Will leave on their own after two days。I just want the main body of the palace to forgive Fenger,Take some free time to teach the fire exercises。”

“My girl may have misunderstood,Before I met Huo Tianzun,I am also a mortal,Not even as good as the subordinates you said,So I’m not used to being served,Really not used to。”The teenager racked his brains for words,“As for the sky fire technique?,I don’t understand much,But you can take the time to organize some,It’s time to learn

Lian Ling’s best player,Are not opponents!

unless,Ling Zang personally shot。 but,The exchange is limited to juniors。 It’s impossible for Ling Zang to shoot。 The appearance of Fang Yu,Let them see hope。 Just,I don’t know if Fang Yu will be here tomorrow! When they look forward to Fang Yu。 Fang Yu has returned home。 Finished washing。 Changed clothes。 Rushed to the pharmacy!

First433chapter Abduct the little queen

Yan Hye stared at Zhu Minglang,Seems to be familiar,But didn’t care,Just handed a sharp look in the black clothes behind him,Let them do as the eldest master strictly ordered。 A few people obviously want to do something to Zhu Minglang,Smash the teeth first,Cut off the tongue again。 Jingyu, the little queen of Xiayu, stood up,Temperament

“That’s true,This is true,Better business,When the profit is a little bit more,Rent increase again,I know。”Yang Yong nodded in agreement。

Everyone stand up and walk back together,Cen Cheng’s mind is thinking about opening a store,Thinking about how to check Fang Na quickly,How to find home for money,Thinking about where to rent a store,So I walked behind silently。 “Brother Yang,let me tell you,Cen Cheng wants to open a shop,It’s her business,Don’t mix with her,She is not

But compared with the huge natural body like the World Tree,Being ninety thousand miles tall is nothing。

Strongest world tree,The trunk alone can reach1200Million kilometers,Gauguin is reaching5.9Billion kilometers,Canopy,It’s more than a billion kilometers in diameter,This is a big outrageous tree~~Known as the No. 1 tree special life in the universe。 With a mention,Li volcano, known as the second largest,The volume also exceeds 100 million kilometers。 The volume of these special lives,The power