Measure your interaction with women

Measure your interaction with women Test it, it ‘s very interesting. When you have ten sheets of paper in your hand and you want to throw them away, you will throw them away in some way: A, just throw B, fold in half, throw C, twist it, throw D, and roll it into one.Drop E

The magic of belly dance

The magic of belly dance “Learning belly dance doesn’t require you to be thin. As long as there is basic coordination, you can dance belly dance without walking with the same hands and feet. “The coach’s preaching is really people’s heart, music alone can infect people, not to mention her dance arouses your dancing nerves

Yoga, what to do after injury?

Yoga, what to do after injury? The most important thing to know about injury is to understand the type of the injured tissue1. The time between the tendon connecting the muscle and the bone is 6-8 days2, the ligament connects the bone and the bone3, the bone4, the cause of the tibia injury1, the pressure2,

Women’s menstrual discomfort, recommended 4 porridge

Women’s menstrual discomfort, recommended 4 porridge It is worrying that menstruation will not come, and many problems will occur after menstruation. Because women are prone to some discomfort during menstruation, female friends need to use some methods to adjust. Women’s menstrual discomfort can try to drink some health porridge to ease.   Paragraph 1. Preparation materials

Winter yoga makes your chest successful

Winter yoga makes your “chest” successful Snake-style variation Main attack: Make the chest stand out. This pose has the effect of beautifying the spine and makes the body have good and beautiful lines. Frequent practice of this pose also has the effect of eliminating spinal stiffness and beautifying the chest and neck.   Backward Main attack:

“Crackling”,at the same time,Wright’s“Guardian of the Earth”Under continuous strong impact,After slapped with the paw of the second tooth wolf,Also gradually broken。

Eighth second,The three fang wolves who crossed the dirt wall looked at each other,Attack at the same time,Bite towards Wright’s right arm,A paw against the head,The last one attacked Wright’s lower body insidiously。 The fang wolf attacking the lower body rushed into the air,He was greeted by a violent kick from Wright’s right leg,Like

Sitting straight straight,A demonstration。

That is a kind。 Unable to describe the beauty of balance,Acquaint in the beauty of all things。 Silence,Take the master。 “Dictionary is a small roulette,Why is it called Tai Chi wheel knife??” He deliberately sold a Cat,Start mobilization atmosphere,“Before introducing,I will give you a little little inside.,That is……Refining this key master,It is one of

Means of,Longfei is planning a conspiracy.。She doesn’t talk,Longfei thought that the other party was hired,Laugh again,“sister in law,What do you think he will put it??But look at you is the face of my dragon family.,I don’t mind, you have seen his last side.,Long Mansion in Hong Kong Central,No matter what you come,That hybrid is dead.

,Ha ha ha ha……” Laughter,Longfei interrupted the phone。 Last night, murder,Indeed in his dark shot,But not to kill the moon。 Instead, I want to kiss her.,Prevent accident,When it is a threat to the last bottom card。 But now I haven’t used it.。 However, Longfei still hopes that the moon will come to Longgong Hall.,He

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Recommended reading According to the US Fun Science Website reported on the 26th, Tanaka Miko, the longest -lived in the world, has died recently at the age of 119. After the death of Tanaka, the Guinness World Records confirmed that the longest -lived person in the world is France’s Luciel Landon (also known as Mother