Tianjin University School of Arts Institute of Mechanical Education

People’s Daily Nianjin November 11th, November 10, Tianjin University School of Architecture was established. The Institute of Arts is integrated with teaching, scientific research and practice, aimed at building the influential practical base in the field of healthy education reform and development research in local construction, cultivating world first-class, Chinese characteristics, and big character. First-class

A sound of music from the phone,Woke up Wang Youcai from his sleep,He opened his eyes reluctantly and took a look,Seeing Ma Hongfang beside her sleeping like a pig。This music seems to come from her bag,Kind of non-stop。

Wang Youcai jumped out of bed scoldingly,From the small bag on the sofa,I found Ma Hongfang’s phone,Got it to her ear。This woman opened her eyes and took a look,He stretched his fingers to his lips,It means to keep Wang Youcai from speaking out。 “what’s up?People are sleeping,What reminder?”One call,Ma Hongfang did not say angrily。 I

“North Rhine-Westphalia does not have any business contacts in the provincial capital,I’m sure of this。I don’t know why she went to the provincial capital?It’s nothing more than visiting relatives and friends,I’m afraid she has developed any new projects in the provincial capital”Xiao Xiao to this He Wei,I really hate it in my bones。

But the mall is like a battlefield,So many things are unpredictable。Than how,They used to be partners with the startup group,But now? “All right!Don’t talk about her yet。How is the company’s work progress in these two days?There are some things you have to catch with your own hands”Xia Jian said,Changed the subject。 Xiao Xiao thought about

“Thank you!“Xia Jian raised his drink cup,Took a sip。His eyes fell on Guan Tingna,Why didn’t he notice this woman before,It turns out she looks so good。

“General Guan!We never had a chance to talk together,Let’s just say a few words casually today,What does your boyfriend or husband do?“Xia Jian asked with a smile。 Guan Tingna shook her head and said:“nothing,I am a non-marriage,So you can use me boldly,I will devote all my energy to the entrepreneurial group“Guan Tingna said,Haha laughed。 “Oh!it

Fang Fang sneered:“Isn’t he okay now?What to take care of,I didn’t wash it up either,Ran over to bed together”

“OK OK,I have nothing left,You guys go back soon!Don’t call me during breakfast later,I want to sleep for a while”Xia Jian said,I put the quilt on my head。 Wang Lin deliberately said to Xia Jian:“Now knows tired,I don’t care when I see a beautiful woman,Drink yourself like this,Fortunately we are here,Otherwise I don’t know how

“Chairman,Everything has been handled,It’s just that he didn’t accept our compensation,”Manager Wang said respectfully。

“Spine,Worthy of his son,If he comes again in the future,Just like i came。” The old man continued,Then waved his hand to signal that Manager Wang could go out。 “correct,You did a good job this time,Double the bonus this month,”The old man said casually。 Manager Wang was suddenly excited,Then left。 His monthly bonus is 100,000,Double that