2021 (3e) Huaguami Shuangcheng week opening

Modern Express Nieuws (Reporter Wang Xiaoyu Correspondent Liu Lu Xuan) Op 20 oktober 2021 (3e) Huaguangcai Double Creative Week-evenement werd met succes gehouden in Lianyungang City. Dit evenement is het thema van "Yunji Harbor · Remote", trekt Chinese en buitenlandse academici aan, leiders en experts van 85 middelbare scholieren binnen en buiten de provincie, de

20 Country Group Summit supports global enterprise tax reform

  Italian Prime Minister Mario Dragh, said on October 30 that the Roman Summit of the 20th Group’s leaders confirmed the international tax system reform program to levy to large multinational enterprises to prevent multinational companies from transferring profits from profits. Low tax rate economy and other practices. [Say to implement] Draghi said: "We reach a

Digital economy has become a new highlight of China-African cooperation, African friends are also doing live goods

  China Youth Daily Apprier Beijing November 17 (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Reporter Ningdi) With the strengthening of cooperation in the digital economic field, now African friends also started the live goods. At the press conference held today, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce introduced the reporter that in recent years, China’s e-commerce has

Shandong investigates 663 people from the "protective umbrella" in Shandong investigation and dealing with corruption, 581 people are subject to party discipline

People’s Daily November 10 (Song Cui) November 10, Shandong Province Sweeping Office held a typical case press conference in key industries, informing the province’s normalization, and introducing the struggle of black and evil, introduced key industries Work development situation, issued 7 models involving the field of key industries. The deputy secretary of the daily work