Tianjin Dongli District opened the "blocking point" for the people to warm the winter

Original title: The famous "hot spring apartment" "I learned that I was heating on November 1st, and I also got up in the middle of the night.

"Shi Tong celebrates excitement," this year is no longer difficult.

"Shi Tong Qingjia lived in Xu Zhuangzi Hot Spring Apartment, Dongli District, Tianjin, is an old community for 20 years. Before the transformation, the tube is aging, the earliest heating facilities are all in series, the 6th floor temperature is highest, Reduce. "The temperature at home is always at 14 ° C to 15 ° C, live in ‘hot springs’, like in’ ice. "Shi Tongqing said. The problem of heating is an important people’s livelihood project that is related to the vital interests of the people. This year, Dongli District has opened" blocking points ", which has problems with the aging of heating pipe network, running drops, and develops one by one. The rectification plan has completed the transformation of the Jinzhong Street area heating pipe network and other facilities. "This reform line is about 10,000 meters, and nearly 10,000 people in residents. "Li Changhong, the head of the management network renovation project, said," In addition to the new pipe for new, the previous series is also changed to parallel, the water temperature enters each household, and the temperature downstairs will naturally rise. "At the same time, Dongli District also establishes non-heating period equipment maintenance and maintenance desk account for 25 heating stations in the area, and sent special personnel to supervise the guidance to ensure that heating facilities and equipment maintenance is in place. The maintenance rate of the heating unit facilities equipment reached 100%. "From late September, we start pressing, repair and debugging, ensuring 100% of the heating related facilities without troubleshooting.

"The staff of the Dashi Ghent Tube said," On October 27, it furnished. We also debug the boiler equipment and environmental protection equipment, and ensure that the people warmly walked. "Key moments can’t drop the chain. Yesterday, it was the first day of the city’s official heating, and the 25 heating stations in Dongli District reached the standard heating.

Feel the quality of the satisfied heating service and heating temperature, Xu Zhuangzi’s hot spring apartment residents said: "The family is warm, the heart is hot, this is the veritable ‘hot spring apartment.

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