Shandong investigates 663 people from the "protective umbrella" in Shandong investigation and dealing with corruption, 581 people are subject to party discipline

People’s Daily November 10 (Song Cui) November 10, Shandong Province Sweeping Office held a typical case press conference in key industries, informing the province’s normalization, and introducing the struggle of black and evil, introduced key industries Work development situation, issued 7 models involving the field of key industries.

The deputy secretary of the daily work of the Shandong Provincial Committee, the Provincial Sweeping, the deputy director of the Leading Group, the director of the head of the leadership, the provincial court, the Provincial Procuratorate, and the Provincial Public Security Department of the Provincial Public Security Participation.

Sun Chengliang picked up the situation of the province’s normalization and the development of the evil struggle and the introduction of key industries. Since this year, the relevant departments at all levels will continue to improve the political station in accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and persist in thinking, not to reduce, continue to fight crimes against black and evil, and resolutely strictly investigate "black umbrella" "Blackwealth", strong promoting the rectification of the industry, and pushing to sweep the black and evil struggle to continue to be deep.

Continue to combat black and evil crimes.

Adhere to the people’s first, tighten the line, the focus case, lock the target to pursue, and constantly consolidate the results of expanding the special struggle for sweeping. From January to October this year, the province was investigated six black organizations, 22 evil criminal groups, 10 evil crime gangs, 647 criminal cases, 398 criminal suspects. The key target fugitives are closely attached, organize to investigate the "fish" action of "Leakage Network", as of now, five domestic fugitives have all arrested cases.

Resolutely from strict investigation "black umbrella" "black money". Establishing a normalization mechanism of "punishing corruption" and strict implementation of "two people" and "three investments" in strict implementation of "two people" and "one case", carrying out the case of black and evil cases (clues), deep into the black evil The "protective umbrella" and "relationship network" of the power station support.

As of the end of October, the province has investigated 663 black-related corruption and "protective umbrella" issues, with 954 people, which give Party discipline government punishment 581.

In the province, deployment of 6 months of anti-evil-related property disposal, this year has been seized, freezing, and seizes black and evil assets.

Strongly promote the rectification of the industry. The focus of rectification work in the field of key industries is the "focus" in the field of normalization. In the information network, natural resources, transportation, engineering construction, rural governance, financial lending, six major industries, and rectify the industry’s chaos. Strengthen system governance, source governance, and eradicate the evil forces to breed soil. Since this year, there have been 2134 in the six major industries in the province, including 49 suspected crimes; 310 in the field of public development and evil "three books", complete the rectification of 307 pieces, The rectification rate is%; the competent department of industry sectors establish more than 100 mechanisms of normalization regulatory system, blocking the regulatory vulnerability.

Sun Chengliang said that next step will adhere to the maintenance direction of clues, strive to overcome a group of "bone case", and then dig a group of "crouch" black evil molecules, and then remove a group of black and evil forces "protect umbrella", continue Attacking an offensive for the evil forces and maintaining a long-term powerful shock.

Conscientiously implement the "four-in-one" advice on "four integration" in-depth efforts to advance the three-year action of the three-year action, adhere to the power of the black and evil, carry out special actions of "Golden Sources", and severely crack down on illegal crimes in the industry Behavior, resolutely eradicate industry chaos affecting safe production, and creates a good environment for the province’s economic and social high quality development.

Subsequently, the launch will pass the video connection method, the connection of Jinan, Zaozhuang, Weifang, Weihai, Linyi, Texas, and Binzhou, the responsible comrades, the information network, financial lending, natural resources, and villages have been issued. Treatment, engineering construction, specific cases of typical cases in transportation areas.

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