The fourth episode of the National Album, the 22nd episode "Two News"

They are all names, all of which are the 264th, published time, location and content.

What kind of story is there after two newspapers?90 years ago, "Red China" was created in Jiangxi Ruijin, which is a government agency of the Chinese Soviet Republic.

Responsible for a young man in front of Xinhua News Agency – Red Society.The war is full of flying, lack of clothes, they are shocked by the stone breaks in the era of enthusiasm.

Many famous names are later in the small editorial department.In the autumn of 1934, the Red Army embarked on a long march, "Red China" two comrades, from this landscape block, and the audio is not available.Left-behind, insist on reporting in desperation, until the arrested; expedition, after the nine deaths, let the "red Chinese" fire rebirth.