Today, the flowers are dedicated to the British | They, Xi Jinping has never forgotten

  [Pre-predequory] September 30th is the Martyrs Memorial Day, Xi Jinping Party and national leaders will give representatives from all walks of life to respect the people’s heroes to the people’s hero. Heroes is the most shining coordinates of the nation. The revolutionary British, Xi Jinping always remembered in the heart, he repeatedly stressed that countless martyrchal blood has reddished our flag, we do not build their expectations, fight for it, and sacrificed the Republic of sacrifices, it is absolutely not possible. Xinhua News Agency "Study" is a deep discourse of Ten General Secretary to remember the revolutionary intersection of the Ten Times. The older generation revolutionary, revolutionary martyrs, revolutionary martyrs, all of the benevolendians at this moment, we are deeply missing as the Chinese revolution, construction, reform, the establishment, consolidation and development of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, etc., the older generation revolutionary, deeply missed the revolutionary martyrs of establishing, defending, building a new Chinese heroic sacrifice, deeply reminding the revolutionary martyrs who have been bravely dedicated to reform and opening up and socialist modernization, deeply missing the independence of the nation and the people’s liberation All kinds of people who struggled to struggle.

They have a great achievement of the great achievements of the motherland and the nation! Their lofty spirit always remembers in the hearts of the people! – On July 1, 2021, after the celebration of the British Horse Japanese, the British Horses, the British Horship, the British Horship, and the revolutionary blood flow, the river, but did not be intimidated.

Xia Mingwang is in a hurry, and issues a hero vow to "adhere to the revolution" in the family book of his wife.

  - On September 18, 2020, the Red Army in the end of the Hunan inspection work, the Red Army is in the journey of 205,000 miles of red, one, with an average of 300 meters. The long string is a red streamer, which is the blood of countless red army.

Difficulties can destroy people’s body, death can take the lives of people, but there is no power to move the ideal belief of the Chinese Communists.

  - On October 21, 2016, speech at the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Longjun’s 80th Anniversary of the Competition, Yang Jingyu, Zhao Shangzhi, ZHOU Si, Peng Xuefeng, Qi Linge, Zhao Deng, Zhang Zizhong, Dai’an, etc. "Five strong men", the new four army "Liu Laozhuang", Northeast Anti-China Female Warrior, the Kuomintang Army "eight hundred strong men", etc. Many hero groups are the outstanding representatives of thousands of anti-Japanese soldiers.

The Chinese people have a strong enemy of 铁 骨 骨 战- On 3 September 20, on September 3, in commemoration of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War and World Anti-Farm War, the Bank of Liberation War, the Chinese Communists who were held in the Summer, the Chinese Communist Party Upper to hit the torture torture, restless, Ning dead, and contribute to the Chinese people’s liberation, condense "Red Rock Spirit". – On April 17, 2019, the speech of the speech at the end of the Chongqing Investigation Work In 190 years, we have never forgotten the martyrs who sacrificed in the fight against the United States.

In order to the motherland, more than 7,000 hero children, for the people, in order to devote valuable life. The merits of the martyrs, the Millennium, the martyrs’ English names! – On October 23, 2020, commemorating the Chinese People’s Volunteers against the 70th Anniversary of the United States, the Socialist Revolution and the British Confidential Jiao Ju Lu comrades in the construction period of the people are a good public servant of the people. It is an example of the county party secretary, and the example of the whole party. .

The people who love the people, hard work, scientific truth-seeking, meet hard, selfless dedication, the past is, now, the future is still the precious spirit wealth of our party, never time. Limited life, many hero model people’s lofty spirit formation process is limited, but forming a valuable spiritual wealth is an eternal freeze.

  - On March 18, 2014, the speech at the Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Lankao County Committee of Henan Province, the majority of medical staff to attack the new crown epidemic, the vast number majority of medical staff to the people, the blessing, consecutiveness of life, withstand the body and psychology Ultimate pressure, many people have a mask to bleak bleeding marks or even uncelime, many people have been soaked by sweat for a long time, and some comrades even die.

The majority of medical staff use the flesh and blood of the steel Great Wall to save the virus, saved another dangerous life, interpreting the people of doctors and love! – On September 8, 2020, the speech at the national anti-coronary ghost epidemic commendation conference is deprived that more than 1,800 comrades will be able to deal with the poverty attack, and vividly interpret the Communists. The initial mission. Deeping and contributing to the dereliction of employees, the party and the people will not forget! The Republic will not forget! – On 25 February 2021, speech at the national deformed summary commendation conference, flood control, Flood Flood, Comrade, your loved ones, our loved ones, is the loved ones of the motherland, they are the hero in our hearts, we will honor them.

Whenever a hero is always in a crisis, this is the embodiment of the great spirit of the Chinese nation. You have to arrange your work life, take care of your body, and comfort them in the best way. – On August 19, 2020, visiting the relatives of comrades who were unfortunately sacrificed in the flood control in the investigation in Anhui Province.