Tianjin University School of Arts Institute of Mechanical Education

People’s Daily Nianjin November 11th, November 10, Tianjin University School of Architecture was established. The Institute of Arts is integrated with teaching, scientific research and practice, aimed at building the influential practical base in the field of healthy education reform and development research in local construction, cultivating world first-class, Chinese characteristics, and big character. First-class talent.

Students can deepen hand-painted skills here, and they can also appreciate the aesthetic training course of multi-dimensional second class, such as the beautiful family lecture hall, art practice education, calligraphy painting photography vocal creative experience.

This establishment of the Institute of Actual Education is an important part of the "One Cinema" Aesthetic Education Practice Base of Tianjin University.

"One-storey" One Pinnami "is an innovative measures for Tianjin University to focus on the revision of the reform of universities in the new era. The school encourages the academics department to explore the new way of developing aesthetics in their own characteristics, and build teachers and students love, everyone participates in the special beauty training carrier. The Institute of Architecture has accumulated a rich humanity and aesthetic resources, especially in the traditional architectural culture, raising cross-cultural understanding, excitation imagination and innovative awareness from the comparison of East and Western architectures; , Contribute to the family’s feelings.

At present, the college has constructed "3 + 3 + 3" aesthetic teaching system, adhere to the future, seize the construction opportunities of new engineering, and integrate the beauty into the whole process of cultivating the students, and promoting the spirit of China’s Aesthetic Education. (Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.