This means that the owner of this movie has completely refined the magic lotion of one of the ancient and modern nine gods.,Play the power。

“How is the four foreign countries in Seven??”Dongfang Yin faintly glanced at Saddad bow, etc.。
“Lift,Seven contained four octaves,The heritage of the life and death wheel will live and die again.,And threatened,Let Sawan Luo Sakuo serve him。”Sadda bow respectful。
“Sichuan Luo Sakuo?”Dongfang Yin Wen Yan Xiu Wei Wen said。
“This woman is the wife of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce, Lin Feng’s wife.,Currently, it is six。”Sadda bow is a careful explanation。
“I know。”Dongfang Yin:“Life and death,I am afraid I have realized the true meaning of life and death.,The inheritors of the life and death wheel and the heritage of the Emperor Emperor have to fight.。”
“Teacher,According to our analysis of Lin Feng,Lin President is afraid not in the earth,Forest presidents in the tear of the Tarnant,except him,There is also the three.,Just these three have come back,Lin may not come back yet。”Sadda bow respectful explanation。
“Not in the earth?”Dongfang Yin Wen said a faint road:“Oh,That’s the mosa is afraid to fall into the disaster.。”
“However, the reply in the Bo Mi is very tough,I don’t know what to do.。”Sadda bow is careful:“Teacher,What attitude we are in this matter?I suggest that you will shoot,After all, you also have a copy.。”
“Don’t worry about this thing.。”Oriental load double hand:“How is the vacuum nuclear technology??”
“The base on Mars has been manufactured.。”Sadda bow is careful。
“How long?What is a batch??”Oriental Yin Face Icy,Watching the Sadda Bow。
“no,Teacher,We refine the speed of Xuan Iron is much slower than expected.。”Sadda Bow is hurried to explain:“Because the good star Xuan iron ore on Mars seems to be taken away by people.。”
“Take away in advance?”
Dongfang Yinnan Wen Weiwei:“Who is doing?Does other people who have not been found??”
“They also found out,Just no evidence.,Everyone is suspected to be the people of the Sluding.,But when I go to the Sliding Diary,But did not find these ore。”Sadda arch explanation:“So we suspect that there is other bases in the Starry.!”
“There are other bases.?Did you track??”Oriental。
“no,When they go out, use nuclear bombs.,Can’t monitor their traces at all,But according to our spy,Said that Bo Si’an has developed a new vacuum nuclear gun,Once this gun is successful,It can be instantly issued a dangerous attack that makes Nirvana.。”Sadda bow。
“Other forces?”Oriental。
“Other forces are also fully extracted on Mars.,A large number of vacuum nuclear weapons,Vacuum nuclear weapons, although the character of the master is not threatened,But if it is again improved one level,That constitutes a threat.。”Sadda bow respectful explanation。
“If it is no soldier guardian,Our characters in our level are also difficult to escape.,Moreover, there are more ants.。”Dongfang Yin carry your hands touching:“All right,Strive,Prepare for future wars.。”
“Yes!”Sadad bow, etc. respectable。
Dongfang Yin’s Watching to Orient,Her figure steps,Several breathing,Her figure came to the sky in Zhongzhou City.,Then her figure inside a remote corner。
This remote corner is the chaotic Wang store next to Zhongzhou International Hotel.。
Night in the night,This chaos is still open。
Dongfang Yin beautiful scorpion looked at this chaotic king for a long time,She exudes a black airflow,It is like the ghost in the night.,Then her figure turned to disappear in the night。
Deep depression,A shadow is like lightning, flying in the black starry sky,His speed reached a peak,Almost reach every second400km,The owner of this body is Lin Feng。
Suddenly Lin Feng’s figure slowed down,He took out a piece of iron directly.,One line of words appeared on the iron block。
Lin Feng saw the word is ugly when the word is seen.。
“Damn,Damn,Life and death!”
Lin Feng is cold,Cold,The killing of the body,A shackle of air is swept from his body。
“Life and death,This time you won’t have a chance to escape.!go!”
Lin Feng swears,His speed accelerates a few points,The speed of the whole person has reached a new extreme realm.,His body seems to burn the same,Mysterious red airflow,It is like a flame.。
His figure directly disappeared in the starry sky.。
This speed is caused by,Brahma and others see,Be sure。
Earth,The time between the night’s turn over the eyes,The white bear empire has gone out of the great shore.,Overnormality,This is the world,Overlook,A scorpion with a strong life atmosphere,A scorpion with the breath of death。