Mu Jun and Cheng Tianlong also came to the statue。

Tang Sichuan and Tang Fengyun have a proud color,Tang Jiaxian is always their pride。
“Let it go。”Lin Feng was smiling and turned over.。
“What feeling?”Tang Xichuan asked。
“More determined for the idea of my heart。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Ha ha,it is good,The old man did not see the wrong http://www.chaigz.cnperson。”Tang Sichuan Wen Yan Haha big laughed:“Tang family has never disabled force to solve problems,Even if there is also a guest,Adjusted,If it is not adjustable,Can only be handed over。”
“Not。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I once again played the priest of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce again.。”
“Powerful!”Tang Sichuan thumbs up:“Let it go,Enter the castle。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,I immediately walked into the castle with Tang Sichuan.,This castle is really like a small city pool.,Enter the street,Pedestrian。
He is really hard to imagine that Tang family has established a city in a mountain.。
Lin Feng,Tang Sichuan and others came to the door of a house,A plaque hanked over the house,The plaque is engraved with a few big words。
“Wang Yuefu!”
Lin Feng has gone into the moon.,The space area in the moon is very large.,Planting odd flowers and lotus roots,Qi Baidao Mage Station in the small courtyard,Talking about the sky,Each of the people,One of the young men saw Tang Xichuan gone in.。
He hurriedly smiled and walked up.:“Chuange!”
“Tang。”Tang Xichuan smiled and went to hit the response:“Your more and more bulls。”
“hair,Laozi is now stagnant。”Tang Kee said a word,His a pair glanced at Lin Feng and others,The scorpion is very sharp bright。
“Come,Ha ha,Come and introduce you.,This is the brother of Lin Fenglin,These two bodies are the two big old ages.。”Tang Xichuan smiled and introduced the road。
“Gamble,Long-term name,Today’s see,Sure enough。”Tang Kee Wen Yan and went to Lin Feng Road:“Under Tang,It is the small hair of Xichuan。”
What is a smart person?,He is not under Tang Sichuan in Tangjia’s status.,Observer is fine into micro,Directly see this Tangxi’s attitude toward Lin Feng。
“Tang Ke brothers,Nice to meet you,It’s just a virtual name that my friend gave.。”Lin Feng smiled and said,We immediately reached out of the two people.。
“Forest brother,You are so modest.。”Tang Ke smiles,Remnant and Cheng Tianlong,Mu Jun, two people shaking hands,Then he greets with Tang Fengyun.。
“Lin Feng,go,We have greeted for those people.。”Tangxichuan took the shoulder of Lin Feng Feng。
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard the laughter,His figure looks to another few people in the small court,Suddenly I felt a stunning killer swept。
These murderous blood,overbearing,It is already a spiritual attack.,A martial artist is afraid that the will will collapse,These three powerful murder directions against Lin Feng one person。
“Humph!”Lin Feng snorted,Atmosphere broke out,A breath that just went to Yang,Directly smash the three murder。
Tang Xichuan face calm,Heart is anger,But after all, he is the master.,He still took a smile on his face.:“Thunder,Wolf brother,Brothers,Seniors,Awaited。”
NS288chapter Overbearing blood wolf “Xiichuan brother,How do you take people casually??The same role in the A cat, you are also brought with us.?”A voice with a joke。
The owner of this sound is a man in a black trench coat.,Face black oil,But this person’s scorpion is with a bloodthirsty breath.,Extremely frightened power came from this person’s body,This person doesn’t know how much it has experienced.,The bloody breath on the body is extremely strong。
This person is a blood wolf,Blood wolf。