“181What is the place??”Rui Rui finds that he has nothing to know from Shanghai.,

“Qingbang Daxie Zhang Xiaolin opened the gambling!Is the first big casino in Shanghai!That is the real garden!”
“You have quite understanding these two guys.!”
“We also have to go twice,Each time the money in your pocket lights!”
“it is good!Tell you two,I live in Far East Hotel418Room,If you want to find me in the front desk to leave a message,I will go find you when I see a message.!”These two American are useful,Rui Rui also gave them。
Morning,Qi Rui first investigated the summary of the summary,Bailemen’s service life is correct,They are indeed a municipal secretary,Relative is translation,He also also has a legal discussion on the French Rental Public Board and the Secretary of the Tour House.,As for that Wang Yueming, it should be pulled down by the embarrassment.。
Let him commit suicide!The system this task is really inexplicable,But alsodLevel difficulty。
The investigation ended these two traitors,Rui Rui went to the film factory to turn a circle,Seeing Li Xiaoyu did not affect last night.,It’s the same as the only sparrow, and others are separated.。
The prime minister is the first online,It is also the first comrade that crosses you.,More I know that she sacrifice for the comrades of the code sparrow,It is the code doctor’s Li Xiaoyu.。
Cooperate, don’t want them to sacrifice,They are all my own comrades!Since I have stopped from Chen Jiaying to Peace Hotel,Avoid the sacrifice of Comrade Tang Ling,That must also prevent them from sacrificing。
Rui Rui is also determined,That is, I will find the comrades of the prime minister along this line.!But organizational ordered members of their groups must never communicate horizontally with other underground groups or comrades.,So Qi Rui did not see Li Xiaoyu,But it is decided to secretly assist。
“Mr. where to go?,Want to take a bus??”A familiar voice asked,
Six brother!Rui Rui is big, I will get on the bus.:“I am going to the street!”
Zheng Yao, who dressed as a car, wear a straw hat and pulled the car.:“I haven’t contacted Ouyang Du for a few days.!Nothing.?”
“Six brother!I am busy with the drug store.,Not considers,Prepare to go to the afternoon?!”
“What do you go to the street??”
“Plan to go to those foreign spies!”
“Don’t go!”
“Xiao Jiu.!There are a few strong helper under your hand.,Some things are doing themselves.!”Zheng Yao said first,
“Is the six brothers who want to send me several people??”
“I am not letting you use the person’s person.!But let you have a few faithful people.,I just started to hire it.!You still have a lot of money in me.,Looking back, I will give you!”
“Need not!I have money here.!I understand the meaning of the six brothers.!Some errands, I am really busy.!”
“Small nine!The best way now is to climb the relationship with the gang,This is a cover, no matter what you do.!”Zheng Yao said first,
“Gang!Six brother!I think of it.,Does Shanghai comparison have a helmet to help?,The helper is the first killer Wang Yazhen!”
“Small nine!Don’t blend him with him!Listen to the six brothers!Still find ways to pull the relationship with the green gang,The day after tomorrow is Lin Guisheng’s birthday,Green Bang and even all walks of life will congratulate!I will let Ou Yang Duo also take you in the past.!”
“Six brother!Who is Lin Guisheng??”
“Lin Guisheng is not simple,She is now a lady of golden!Golden Rong and Du Yuexi have today is her credit.,There is a face with a face in Shanghai, I respect it.,It is said that she is white.!She is the most respectable person of Du Yuezheng!From this, it can be seen that it is on the beach.!”
“I have to do anything.?”Qirui asked,
“Tomorrow will have a pungent golden and Lin Guisheng!remember!You don’t want to work in Golden Rong!Be sure to rescue the forest!”
“How do you know someone to kill her?,Is it a arrangement??”