A sound of music from the phone,Woke up Wang Youcai from his sleep,He opened his eyes reluctantly and took a look,Seeing Ma Hongfang beside her sleeping like a pig。This music seems to come from her bag,Kind of non-stop。

Wang Youcai jumped out of bed scoldingly,From the small bag on the sofa,I found Ma Hongfang’s phone,Got it to her ear。This woman opened her eyes and took a look,He stretched his fingers to his lips,It means to keep Wang Youcai from speaking out。
“what’s up?People are sleeping,What reminder?”One call,Ma Hongfang did not say angrily。
I don’t know what the other party said,Ma Hongfang hung up the phone,Left the phone on the bedside,Then sleep again。Wang Youcai couldn’t help shaking Yao’s head,Pick up her phone and take a look,My days,It’s been ten o’clock。
“Hey!Don’t sleep,It’s almost ten o’clock”Wang Youcai pushed Ma Hongfang beside him,The woman took a breath,Sat up。She might have heard that Wang Youcai said it was past ten o’clock,I can’t sleep anymore。
Looking at the woman’s white body,And the two proud Yufeng groups on her chest,Wang Youcai suddenly jumped on it again,But Ma Hongfang will not let Wang Youcai succeed,She gasped for mercy:“Ok, boss Wang,Next time!I can’t take it anymore,Just now my husband called,I have to go back soon”
Ma Hongfang said,I broke free of Wang Youcai’s embrace,Jumped out of bed and quickly found clothes and put them on。
Watching Ma Hongfang look nervous,Wang Youcai smiled and said:“You didn’t return all night last night,Nothing will happen home!”
“What can be,He doesn’t care about my business,I don’t care about him,It’s been like this for two years anyway。Almost all of us are separated,He just called and said his son has a fever,Otherwise I won’t return?”Ma Hongfang was talking,Smiled helplessly。
Wang Youcai thought about it,Took the wallet,Took out a few bills and said:“Take this money for a taxi!All the money in you seems to be in my wallet”
Ma Hongfang smiled and said:“You still have a conscience,Last night, I was tortured,It hurts to walk now”Ma Hongfang took the banknote in Wang Youcai’s hand,Blew him a kiss,Then turned and left。
Wang Youcai really saw it,She looks a little uncomfortable when she walks。Thought of here,Wang Youcai couldn’t help laughing,What city woman,Rural woman,It seems that as long as you have money,These women are for him,Actually all the same。
Ma Hongfang left,Wang Youcai slept until twelve o’clock,I’m so hungry,He just walked out of the small hotel。I took some American medicine last night,Now he feels weak in his limbs,Even my head feels groggy,Particularly unhappy。It seems that the phrase “three points of poison” is really not scary。
Found a small restaurant,Fried two dishes,He had a full meal,I found my broken jeep,Drove to the People’s Hospital,Look at the injured kid。
Tian Wa told him that the problem is not big,Stay in the hospital for another two or three days,You can go home and rest。I thought this man was injured in his mine,Anyway, he gotta point,Where is the boss,He can also reimburse the expenses。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai went to the hospital’s teller machine to withdraw 10,000 yuan,Which guy did you say:“Take the money home to heal your injuries,Come to the mine to go to work when the injury heals”
What guy listen,I don’t know what to say。Wang Youcai patted him on the shoulder and said:“All farmers,It’s not easy for everyone”This guy finally said something human。
First0986chapter Wang Youcai’s thoughts
Winter sun,Shone on the earth with a weak light。