“North Rhine-Westphalia does not have any business contacts in the provincial capital,I’m sure of this。I don’t know why she went to the provincial capital?It’s nothing more than visiting relatives and friends,I’m afraid she has developed any new projects in the provincial capital”Xiao Xiao to this He Wei,I really hate it in my bones。

But the mall is like a battlefield,So many things are unpredictable。Than how,They used to be partners with the startup group,But now?
“All right!Don’t talk about her yet。How is the company’s work progress in these two days?There are some things you have to catch with your own hands”Xia Jian said,Changed the subject。
Xiao Xiao thought about it:“Everything went well。The procedures for starting work next year are basically completed。We now have everything,Owe the east wind”
“it is good!I will communicate with Hu Huiru in the near future,Let his engineering team settle in after the new year”When Xia Jian said this,,I keep thinking about this He Wei。
Two people talking,Sun Yuejuan’s dinner will be ready soon。Xia Zecheng called Xiao Chenchen up,The little guy didn’t wake up a bit,Sit on the sofa and lose your temper。His cute look,Made a few people laugh。
Once dinner is over,Xiao Xiao went back to his room。Xia Jian followed in from behind,He said inexplicably:“I slept in your bed last night,If you don’t like it, I’ll change the quilt and sheets for you”
“Alright!Did I dislike it??Sit and sit,Don’t stand at the door and let the cold wind in”Xiao Xiao said,Pretending to be angry and glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian hesitated,Walked in,Then sat on the sofa。Xiao Xiao turned on the drinking fountain,Burned for a while,Started making tea。
“When are you getting married?”Xiao Xiao suddenly asked such a sentence。She obviously has nothing to say。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“do not know,Take one step as one step!I’m not in a hurry anyway。to be honest,I haven’t played enough yet”
“You are too selfish!Look at your parents,Qin Xiaomin。This woman is very old,If you don’t get married soon,Others must think she has a problem。So the sooner this matter, the better,Don’t drag”Xiao Xiao was very emotional。
Xia Jian took this opportunity to persuade Xiao Xiao,And then went back to the room to sleep。He drove the car all day,Really tired。
I was going to work the next day,But it was almost ten o’clock when he got up。It seems that everyone is flesh,No matter how powerful people are, they must know how to rest,Even if it’s Xia Jian,The same is true。
Wake up late,Xia Jian washed up,So he moved a chair and sat in the yard to enjoy the sun。Can run with the sun in winter,That’s a very pleasant thing。
While basking in the sun, Xia Jian suddenly remembered thatGZI’ve been back for a few days。I don’t know what Luo Yi is doing now。Anyway,Grandma Luo entrusted him when she left,It should be fine to make a call。
Thought of here,He called Luo over。The phone is connected soon。Luo Yi on the phone sounds very happy,The two chatted wildly on the phone for a while,Xia Jian found an excuse and hung up the phone。
Just when Xia Jian half-squinted,When the sun is comfortable,His cell phone rang。He thought it was Luo Yi who came back,He was secretly scolding this woman for troublesome。
But when he turned on the phone, he found that he was wrong,This call is from Chen Erniu。When I return home to the wine,He gave his new account to Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu。