What medicine is this??How is this??

This medicine,A principle with the famous enemy,Can increase the acetylcholine,Just one is a poison,One is a life-saving medicine。
Be right,That is the enemy
Lao Li after eating medicine,Sure enough, you have a lot.,From Yun Yunpeng, it became a little swallow Zhao Wei.,Lao Li wife is also very happy,Lao Li can no longer make his eyes can’t open it.。
Two weeks,Lao Li is in consultation on online consultation,Mong Dan not intended to mention a sentence,“Many eyes,It is planted in front of walking in the past two days.,Almost planting a head。”
Hear here,Sun did henon,Heart wants to break,“Lao Li,Hurry and then go to neurology。”
Lao Li felt that it doesn’t matter,But Lao Li’s wife is very trustworthy from Dr. Sun since last time.,Hard Lao Li to the hospital。
At the neurology,Doctor,This situation is not wonderful,Hurry and get into the ward。The reason is that Lao Li is before the myoplasm muscle weakness.,Only behave as an eyelid weakness,Now there is no meaning to plant forward,Explain that the muscles are unable to develop to the whole body,Result in physical fatigue,It has become a systemic intensive muscle weakness。
The body muscles can appear when the systemic muscle is serious.,Even tired breathing muscles,Respiratory failure。
The doctors of neurology have increased the drug dose to Lao Li.,But the effect is not obvious,Decided to use the Cancel impact。Cyber globulin is an immunoglobulin,Impact treatment can inhibit the anti-patient resistanceachrAntibody production,Thereby relieving muscle weak symptoms。
After the coke is used,Lao Li symptoms have not improved,The eyes are completely unable to open,I have no strength to eat.。Just when the doctors are ready to change the treatment plan,
Lao Li suddenly twitching,Unconsciousness,Whole body,The blood pressure is raised.220/120hg,It is twice that of our normal human blood pressure.,The oxygen saturation is also reduced to normal lower limit.90,The situation is very critical,Maybe a heart stop,even death。
The doctors have emergency blood,Do blood gas analysis。Good guy,Carbon dioxide partial pressure is reached104hg!phonly70!Normal human carbon dioxide partial pressure is also47hg,This patient has severe respiratory acidosis,Or is carbon dioxide poisoning。
Which acid-base imbalance is?
Disease notice!Turnicu!Intubation!
The doctors have a manner to save the old Li.,Lao Li wifeicuIt’s frightened outside the door.,I think my husband is good.,I can’t open my eyes before.,How can this be gone??Then I can’t help but cry.。
Doctors don’t have time to explain,In addition to intubation ventilator assist,They also have to stabilize Lao Li’s lives.,A bunch of work to do。Dr. Sun heard that Lao Li suddenly cried,Also hurryicuhelp。
“Muscle weakness。”Dr. Sun is going downstairsicuwhen,I have already thought of this word。
The muscle weakness is the most serious case of intensive patient.,It is the respiratory failure caused by the muscles and the respiratory failure and systematic serious complications.。
icuAfter the doctors discussed, they decided to give A Qianglong.(hormone)Impact,Continuous impact,Lao Li’s condition has gradually stabilized,5After the day, I finally removed the tracheal intubation.。
I thought it was possible to transfer it out.icu,The result didn’t expect just unplugged intubation.,Lao Li did not breathe.,There is also a lot of sputum,His lungs are infected,Really tossible。
icuDoctors re-wear no ventilator,Dr. Sun also often come to see him.,Help him suck,I finally changed it after half a month.icu,Successfully discharged after half a month。
Dr. Sun saw Lao Li,already2Month later,Lao Li this time is to cut out thymomas in the chest.。Dr. Sun is carefully inspected,I feel that the time of surgery has arrived.,Finally helped him cut out thymomas。
Surgical is very smooth,Still no longer。When Lao Li was discharged from hospital,Emotion,I am also a ghost gate.。Be fine
Below is the text of today’s wonderful cases:
42Old woman,Why。
Ms. He is biased,In fact, there is not much fat,height165iIndex is not what,But Women’s love is beautiful,Think too fat,Think of a lot of ways to lose weight,Have not played。
Every woman is lose weight,This seems really not fake。