Fang Fang sneered:“Isn’t he okay now?What to take care of,I didn’t wash it up either,Ran over to bed together”

“OK OK,I have nothing left,You guys go back soon!Don’t call me during breakfast later,I want to sleep for a while”Xia Jian said,I put the quilt on my head。
Wang Lin deliberately said to Xia Jian:“Now knows tired,I don’t care when I see a beautiful woman,Drink yourself like this,Fortunately we are here,Otherwise I don’t know how you spent last night?”
“Let’s go!You are worrying,We were away last night,Xia Jian must have been taken to her bed by Director Ma”Fang Fang said,I couldn’t help laughing first。
Two women talking and laughing,Close the door and go,Xia Jian hiding in the bed,Thought to myself,Although Fang Fang’s sentence just now was a joke,But it’s very appropriate,If he didn’t take into account that Fang Fang and Wang Lin knew he was drunk with Ma Xiaoli last night,Maybe you gave up the defense long ago。
But he just can’t figure it out,Why does Ma Xiaoli invite him to drink alone?,And he added so many scenes while drinking,Is all this really like what she said,love at first sight?impossible,This term is not suitable for her who has been in the mall for a long time,There must be something hidden behind this。
Xia Jian has been secretly analyzing this problem in the bed,Until Wang Lin and Fang Fang brought him breakfast,He didn’t think of this problem either。
Xia Jian who had breakfast,A lot of energy,He asked Wang Lin about something about signing with Qiang Dong yesterday,The two exchanged different opinions,When I am preparing to go to other places,Xia Jian’s phone is eating,He took out a look,YesftLandline number。
Xia Jianman thought Ma Xiaoli came here,He hesitated before connecting,I only heard the voice of a loud man inside and laughed:“President Xia!I heard that I got you drunk last night?”
Xia Jian was taken aback,Then I remembered that this was Xue Wanshan’s voice,He hurriedly smiled and said:“Made Mr. Xue laugh,I can’t beat alcohol,It was a mess by your Director Ma”“
”Hahahaha!Our director Ma’s alcohol volume is in the entire company,Few people can drink her,It’s good that you can get her drunk“Xue Wanshan smiled happily on the phone,He seems to have Ma Xiaoli in the company who can drink,Like his glory。
Laughed for a while,Xue Wanshan changed the topic:“This is Mr. Xia,The few bosses we are doing ceramic business together,Want to see you,Wood board,And the boss of the bathroom business,All of them are extraordinary!”
“OK!You make an appointment,I’ll be here in a while”Xia Jian said very happily。
Xue Wanshan paused for a while and said:“Go to our company’s meeting room,Because more people come,I’m afraid I can’t sit down in other places”
“Then trouble Xue Dong,I’ll be there in a while”Xia Jian said,Hurriedly stood up。
Fang Fang said coldly:“No matter how busy I am, I have to eat,Vomited so badly last night,I don’t have the strength to speak for a while without eating”Fang Fang said,Xia Jian had to sit back again。But this southerner’s breakfast is really not used to him。
When Xia Jian and the three rush to the conference room of Qiangdong Co., Ltd.,There are almost no seats。When Xue Wanshan saw Xia Jian,So he greeted him and sat down。
After a brief introduction,These so-called big bosses eagerly came to Xia Jian to consult some cooperation rules of the eastern building materials wholesale market.。