First135chapter Leo’s mind(Twelve thousand updates for subscription)

Leo is not far from Brother Ming,Stand with a sword。
Brother Ming looked at Le Ao in front of him and felt anxious,Can’t hit。
The opponent’s hard power is worse than him,But it is some,I’m afraid it will take a day or two to divide the outcome。
And Leo took the initiative,This displacement ability is too powerful。
Although displacement is not a powerful ability,But Leo really took the initiative when fighting。
As long as the speed cannot crush him or the hard power cannot directly defeat him,That will be dragged on by Leo。
“Really unexpected,Have such strength at a young age!”
“Is it going to say that talent is terrifying?”
Ming Ge:……
Heard Leo’s words,Brother Ming took a deep breath again,He no longer knows how many deep breaths,Are all angry with Leo。
“You said you are better than me,I do not believe,Now i believe!”
Leo frowned。
Ming Ge Shen said:“I found you really shameless,So thick-skinned,Better than me should be!”
Leo looked at Ming,I will treat you as complimenting me,Either shameless or thick-skinned these days,Otherwise how to mix。
“So?What are you going to do now?”Leo is still staring at Brother Ming。
Previous fight,He already knows,I’m still a bit worse than Ming,But if you consume it, Ming’s death rate is higher,About one in a thousand。
That is, the probability of 499 per thousand is that he is dead,The remaining probability Ming will die。