“Chairman,Everything has been handled,It’s just that he didn’t accept our compensation,”Manager Wang said respectfully。

“Spine,Worthy of his son,If he comes again in the future,Just like i came。”
The old man continued,Then waved his hand to signal that Manager Wang could go out。
“correct,You did a good job this time,Double the bonus this month,”The old man said casually。
Manager Wang was suddenly excited,Then left。
His monthly bonus is 100,000,Double that is 200,000,This is not a small sum。
“Brother Hao,You are back,I bought the ticket,Why do you buy such a thing?”
Qin Hao met Huang Xiaoding as soon as he entered the dormitory and was about to leave。
“It’s nothing,Just some tobacco, alcohol and tea,And clothes……”
Qin Hao put it on the table,Then go to the toilet。
Huang Xiaoding casually glanced at the clothes tag,Suddenly smacked,More than 3,000 per piece of clothing。
“Moutai,China,Need for Dahongpao……”
Just see the price,Huang Xiaoding was dizzy。
At the same time, I was moved,I didn’t expect Qin Hao to be so atmospheric。
Qin Hao comes out of the toilet,Suddenly remembered something,Then while Huang Xiaoding poured water,Secretly tore off the price tag。
Huang Xiaoding on the side noticed Qin Hao’s every move,Even more moved。
He knows that Qin Hao did this to avoid burdening his parents。
“Brother Hao,Come to drink,We go tomorrow morning,Estimated to be there in the afternoon。”
“Our land in Bashu,That’s a treasure of feng shui,”Huang Xiaoding is holding two train tickets。