And it’s also the pleasure brought by the other party’s IQ crushing her。

As for the first meeting,Totally attracted by appearance and behavior,Then fell into the feeling of sweet love,She has never been able to fully understand。
In Lu Yuxin’s view,Can be attracted to each other because of appearance or body shape,It should be attributed to the excessive secretion of hormones and a physiological phenomenon caused by the maturation of certain organs,Commonly known as estrus。
Of course this is not to say that Lu Yuxin feels that appearance is not important,But the small fresh meat that can be seen at a glance is not her dish after all。
The happy dizziness after IQ was crushed,Is what she values most。
Judging from Lu Yuxin’s extremely rational thinking,This is probably the limitation brought by her growing up experience that was different from ordinary people since she was a child。
But Guo Xiaoyi is different from her after all,Parental affection,There will be no emotional loss,And I probably have never experienced the kind of attention that attracts adults,Showing off one’s talents leads to an incompatibility with peers,If you want to choose a mate, it must be different from her。
It’s like Lu Yuxin doesn’t think women must get married,She had already completed the psychological construction of raising children alone when she was in her teens。
But Guo Xiaoyi will most likely not have these strange thoughts。
The two returned to the spacious living room of the villa with their brewed tea。
TV is already on,It is playing a campus love magic TV drama that is currently on the Internet,《My girlfriend is from the second element》。
Speaking of the popularity of this drama, it is also related to Changxiang Technology。
Because this is the first one on the Internet to be completely produced by a cultural translation machine,Then after the TV series edited by the film and television company,Five main characters,Only one is real,The other four are all stars among national idols。
Especially among them is the first two-dimensional idol designed among the national idols——Bai Mu。
The hero in the story is a rich second generation,Have been studying in aristocratic school。But because his father was framed by the villain,The family returned to poverty,Forced to transfer。
The actor suffered campus bullying after transferring,But accidentally opened the door of the second dimension in the toilet,And summoned the two-dimensional heroine starring Bai Mu。This two-dimensional girl is not only a master in learning,Even possesses the three-dimensional ability,The two became good friends first,The female lead helps and encourages the male lead in learning,In life, it helps the male lead to rectify the guys who want to bully him.。
Finally, with Baimu’s help,The hero even helped his parents,Defeated the villain who framed their home,The story of regaining the wealth that originally belonged to the family。
Of course during the development of the story,There are also many plots of dog blood。