People’s Daily Comment: Reading informal, learning to change life

In the late spring season when the grass -long warbler flys, the twenty -seventh World Reading Day arrives as expected.

From the online e -commerce book purchase promotion, to the readers organized by the bookstore and publishing house, and then to the Internet reading platform to carry out free reading activities, book drift, and knowledge competitions, all localities have carried out colorful reading activities.

The significance of the festival is to create a sense of ritual and provide a rare opportunity to examine life and reflect on themselves. The key to the annual reading day is not how many books you read on this day, but whether you can re -understand the usual reading habits. The opening of the volume is beneficial. Reading can broaden your horizons, increase knowledge, enlighten wisdom … Every meaning is familiar, but not everyone will put reading into action. How long have you not insisted on reading a book, do you often buy books without reading books, do you still read a professional book solemnly … People often entangle these issues, but it may not be clear why this is important.

First of all, clarifying "what is a book" may be a prerequisite for better reading. From the tortoise shells, to the beast -skinned shell leaves, the scroll of the line, to the electronic books, the form of knowledge varies from time to time. In the digital age, the form of books is becoming more and more diverse, and the way of reading is not restricted to the front.

From the perspective of the carrier, behind the controversy of paper books and e -books, some people like the peace of Mo Xiang, and some people love the convenience of the screen; from the perspective of the form, most people and fragmented discussions are behind Some people are accustomed to the lightweight reading of instant brushing; from the senses, some people only accept reading and reading, and some people choose to listen to audiobooks.

There are no standard answers that are not in the same way.

The change of reading methods reflects the changes in social life.

On the one hand, scientific and technological empowerment has brought richer forms for reading; on the other hand, in busy life, people try to leave a place for reading through light reading and full reading.

Indeed, in modern society, the urgency of reading has not weakened. Only by continuous reading can we update knowledge and catch up with the changing social development.

From the perspective of obtaining information and knowing the world, participating in online courses, online lectures, and sound libraries are also a kind of reading. How can it be a reading?

In 2021, "The Analects of Confucius" reached 30 million readers on the reading platform, and more than 80 % of readers were under 30 years of age.

When the meaning of "book" continues to expand, we may wish to pay more attention to the way and content of knowledge acquisition.

Reading is to learn.

There is no essential knowledge of sound books. Fragmentation reading is not unprecedented. Even in short videos, there may not be a little -known world.

Learning is everywhere. The key is how to build our spiritual world at different levels of knowledge? Improving things, busy when you are busy; news information, understanding current affairs hotspots; work guidelines, mastering a skill; historical culture, tempering thinking ability; life wisdom, cracking growth problems … The complex individuals in modern society often have multiple identities 2. It seems that each type of knowledge has unique value.

How to make learning more meaningful in a valid time is the question that everyone must answer.

From the end of the night at the door of the bookstore, to obtain massive information at any time, the reading of knowledge explosion is no longer the question of "whether there is a book", but the question of "how to read well". With the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, many simple and repeated work may be replaced by algorithms with machines.

Therefore, reading shoulder shoulders the heavy responsibility of "re -invent yourself". In addition to hunting the world and paying attention to unpopular knowledge, you also need to focus on exercising your own thinking and judgment. Nourishment and mental forging. What is exciting is that more and more young writers are creating good books. From the 2021 information of the reading platform, we see that more than 80%of the post -95 writers among the new writers.

The carrier is changing, the method is changing, the content is changing, but the law of learning will not change.

The accumulation of "not accumulating small streams, no way to become the river" is always important.

Whether it is books, magazines, audio, images, or on Taoism, asking for learning, as long as you deeply root the hearts and enlightenment, you will read it well. To expand the depth of thinking in persistent reading and tap the thickness of life, this should become the inspiration of us in the World Reading Day.

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