Digital economy has become a new highlight of China-African cooperation, African friends are also doing live goods

  China Youth Daily Apprier Beijing November 17 (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Reporter Ningdi) With the strengthening of cooperation in the digital economic field, now African friends also started the live goods.

At the press conference held today, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce introduced the reporter that in recent years, China’s e-commerce has developed very fast, and the e-commerce platform in China-Africa cooperation has also developed very fast. "We can Directly bought coffee in African farmers, many African agricultural products are very popular in China. "In September 2018, President Xi Jinping announced the implementation of" eight actions "at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summit of China-African Cooperation, which became a biggest result of the summit pragmatic results. Highlight.

Tax Keming introduced that since the Beijing Summit, China has added more than $ 10 billion to non-direct investment, which has strongly helped the industrialization level and export.

  In recent years, China has actively take measures to expand the import of non-resource products in African countries, while helping African countries to increase foreign exchange income, it also enriches the supply of domestic markets.

Tax Keming introduced that there are currently a large number of high-quality agricultural products such as sesame and peanuts in China. Most of them are from Africa.

On the market, Tunisia’s olive oil, Ethiopian coffee, Rwanda’s chili sauce is increasingly welcomed by domestic consumers.

  "We have been working hard to increase imports from Africa.

"Tax Ming introduced that China specially established a Central and Non-Trade Expo for Africa, such as the establishment of African non-resource-distributed transaction processing centers in Changsha, Hunan, and established an exhibition center of African products in Zhejiang Yiwu.

"We also set up some extension centers in Africa, and organized the purchase group to go to Africa to purchase, through our e-commerce platform, for Africa, selling African quality products."