Bijie: "Five Adherence" promotes the rule of lawful rural construction

In order to further set off the boom of learning and promotional Civil Code, Bijie City launched the guidance of the promotion of the civil code to implement Guizhou Province grassroots law team "10,000 people training", actively organize provincial experts and citizens’ procurement group members on the village (residential) law Consultants and "legal understanding", "legal understanding", "legal understanding", and leadership of the grassroots "" community "members, grassroots people, and villages (residential), and cultivate a group of grassroots rule of law to create A huge civil law classics.

In recent years, Bijie City has vigorously realizes the poverty of poverty, through the integrated initiative of judicial administration, comprehensive law enforcement, agricultural rural, civil affairs and other departments, solid promoting the rule of law, rural autonomy, the rule of law, and virtue of virtue. , Focus on the basic security role of the rule of law, strengthen the construction of hardware and software facilities, the housing environment is more beautiful, the rule of law is more propaganda, the rule of law is more effective, democratic autonomy is more effective, the masses are safe, satisfaction continuous improvement, villagers The legal awareness and legal literacy of learning method are further strengthened, and the rule of law management in rural areas has gradually improved.

Shimen Township in Weining County, Xinren Township Village, Qinxi City, Qingshang Town, Jinhai Lake New Area, Qiqi Village, Changchunbao Town, Qixingguan District, is proposed to recommend the national second batch of rural governance demonstration villages.

Up to now, there are 12 villages (communities) by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Civil Affairs is named "National Democratic Rule of Law Demonstration Village (Community)" title, 157 villages (Community) won the "provincial democratic rule of law demonstration village (community)" The title, 284 villages (community) won the title of "Municipal Democratic Rule of Law Demonstration Village (Community)", providing a strong rule of law guarantee for the rule of treatment of Bijie Demonstration, providing a good rule of law environment for comprehensive implementation of rural resolution development strategies. (Contributed by the Justice Department of Guizhou Province) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.